Articles We Have Written

Building Up The Body

We have found a number of teachers helpful in our quest to please our Lord. Below are some articles which have to do with different aspects of the assembly.


An often spoken fear is that deception is likely to enter in if we gather in the scriptural way. The fact is, the scriptural way of gathering is the safest way of all forms of meeting. Yes, it requires effort to deal with diverse doctrines but this actually equips us with more ability to discern the true from the false and thereby helps us mature spiritually. These articles are supplied so one can review a few of the doctrinal topics which have come up over the years and have been dealt with by the whole assembly. There have been a number of issues over time but only a few that occasioned putting anything in writing. These topics could possibly be issues with other assemblies as well, since they are being promoted by many at present. Therefore, this page might be a help to them.


A simple search facility is provided to list articles containing given words in their content.