House Church?

We do meet in our homes. We see in principle, in the scriptures, the example to do so whenever possible. Yet it is not a command. We do see how the Lord would have us benefit thereby, so we would be reluctant to not gather in a home setting. Even so, we understand there are those that meet wherever possible under their circumstances. We know of the Lord's people in parts of the world where homes are no larger than a small room and we realize it would be near impossible for them to gather there. So they meet outside, or rent a small building. Actually, there are many places where other arrangements might be necessary. Meeting in a home is not a defining element before the Lord as to whether or not a gathering is a true church and we would not want to give the impression that it is.

Also, we are not quite sure what the term "house church" might conjure up in the minds of others, seeing that there are a number of different reasons why people choose to meet in their homes versus a building; some of which we would have no affinity with. So again, we meet in our homes out of obedience to our understanding of the Lord's will for us...what is central to a gathering of believers is that Jesus is recognized as Lord and obeyed, collectively as well as individually, being led by the Holy Spirit even in the matter of where they are to assemble.

Anyway, we have been described as a "home church"; a "house church"; an "interactive meeting"; a "Brethren style church"; a "gathering in simplicity"; a "simple church"; an "early church model assembly"; a "first century style church"; a "fellowship"; an "open church"; a "biblical church"; an "unorganized church"; a "non-institutional church"; a "primitive church"; a "relational church"; an "ekklesia"; "God's house", and probably a few others I can't recall. That list may give you some idea, if you are accustomed to any of those terms, of how some have seen us. We, however, choose not to label ourselves.